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 tai lieu bang B anh van

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: tai lieu bang B anh van    Sun May 29, 2011 2:30 pm


Today, mobile phones have become indispensable in the lives of many of these people.
Mobile phone brings many benefits to humans, can communicate with each other, hear and even see pictures of each other when away from around the world ... again.With a mobile phone you can get in touch with anyone at anytime, anywhere. It is undeniable benefits.You can store hundreds of different phone numbers in a cell phone without having to suffer the memory.With today's technology, a mobile phone is not only a convenient means of communication but also a great entertainment store. You can listen to music, watching movies, playing games, browsing and even watching TV over mobile.

Besides mobile phone use also causes much trouble.It would be impolite if we allow the phone to ring in the meeting room and classrooms.it would not be much privacy if we are really talking in mobile phones in public places and people also feel uncomfortable with that. There is a number of traffic accidents caused by using mobile phone when driving. electromagnetic waves can damage equipment and endanger health patients.

Although there are some problems like mobile phones is still a necessary means for our lives today. The use of mobile phones is good or not depends on the conscious use of each person

Today, the Internet has become a means of assisting communication, information exchange, cooperation and exchange ... between all individuals, organizations and nations across the planet is fast and ultra utility.
Internet provides lots of useful utilities for users, one of the universal utility of the Internet is a system of electronic mail (email), online chat (chat), computer data retrieval (search engine ), commercial services and transfers, and other health services such as education and remote medical treatment or the virtual classroom organization. They provide a substantial amount of information and services on the Internet giant

Internet is a global information system can be composed of public access computer networks linked together
Online language learning to help children improve reading, writing an interesting and lively way through various websites. Informatics is also really rich with the forum, exchange of students here wear jewelry that spoiled any questions, ask the expert guide or get other information in the field of IT.
Besides, the internet also has harm such as: Internet addiction is a dangerous mental illness. Expression is often forgotten time, neglect eating and sleeping, anger, stress, anxiety when not online; signs of depression, or anger and social isolation.
Some bad people use the internet to spread bad information widely.
In summary, the internet is useful but we should use the internet at the right time, right place, right purpose, the time of.


Watching television too much is not good for our health and cause eye damage. Television is especially harmful to children. Television will lose the creativity of children, Television limiting their ability to develop language. Watching television will affect many other activities. Children will not have time for important activities such as reading, playing and fantasy play with parents.
In short, television is a media and entertainment is very useful but we should watch at the right time, right place, right time and especially for children, we need to adjust their activities of watching Tv appropriately.


Travelling by bus has become popular throughout Vietnam.
Currently only two major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City has over 4,000 buses operating for millions of passengers each day.With many bus lines extended now, we can go to school, work and even travel without spending too much money.If people take the bus we will avoid the traffic jam.If people take the bus we will save fuel and reduce pollution.In addition to effective community service, buses are also used to serve advertising business to generate revenues for reinvestment in community service.
Besides, buses are also many disadvantages
We may not be very comfortable because there are many people on the bus. We must depend on the departure time of buses. And of course the slow bus and less portable. Pushing, shoving, lack of respectful behavior, rude and theft is difficult to avoid on the bus.
In short bus is always a necessary means to everyone. take the bus when we need to raise awareness of us.
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tai lieu bang B anh van
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